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    Your initial password will be your employee ID (minus any leading zero's) and your birth date in the format: MMDDYYYY
     For example, if your employee ID is: 0123456 and your birthdate is January 18, 1972,
                         your initial password    will be:   12345601181972
2. Once you successfully login, follow the on screen instructions to change your password.

Password complexity requirements:

  • Your new password cannot contain your username.
  • Your new password cannot be the same as your current or previous 8 passwords.
  • MUST meet these requirements:
    • 10 characters or more.
    • lowercase letter
    • Number
    • !, $, #, % or any non alphabetic character
      • DO NOT USE the following special characters: space, tab, ? @ ; : < > & = _
3. After you have successfully updated your password, you can log out of this website and log into Moodle or other BRCC technology resources. 
Note: It might take approximately 5 minutes for your new password to take effect on the BRCC employee e-mail system, . 

If you do not know your BRCC username or your ID number,

go to: and follow the directions to obtain your username and ID number.

If you do not know your password or have problems logging in, please contact the BRCC Help Desk at:

  • 828.694.1895